Verge Master :: Dry Verge Systems

The Verge Master system has been designed to offer a superior looking, solid, secure and professional dry fix verge solution. The robust, well engineered system delivers a dependable quality installation every time.

The system is available in grey, brown and black and manufactured from UV stable high quality polypropylene. Handed units provide superior aesthetics with sleek, stylish clean lines that add value and kerb appeal.

Installation is quick and easy via the ‘flex and clip’ installation method and no special tools are required.

Verge Master has been independently tested by the BBA and conforms to BS 8612: Dry fixed ridge, hip and verge systems for slating and tiling, in addition to BS 5534 and NHBC Chapter 7.2 requirements.

Key Features:


fast_symbol.pngFlex and clip



easy_symbol.pngAccurate location
starter unit


weather_symbol.pngAll weather


10yr_symbol.png10 year performance


solid_symbol.pngSolid and




gutter systems


Available in grey, brown and black

grey.png brown.png black.png


Viewed looking at the property from the kerb

Better by design

  • Unique modern design
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Accurate location starter unit
  • Accommodates gutter systems
  • Mechanical fixing
  • Ideal for new build and quality refurbishment
  • Batten gauge range: 260 - 355mm
  • Roof pitch range: 15 - 55°
  • BBA tested to BS 5534 and BS 8612 requirements
  • Manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001 Quality
    Management System and BS EN ISO 14001
    Environmental Management System

Product range


Left and right verge unit


Left and right starter unit


Round ridge cap


Angled ridge cap


Batten end clip

Product Codes

Item Grey Brown Black
Verge unit left DVLHGR50 DVLHBR50 DVLHBL50
Verge unit right DVRHGR50 DVRHBR50 DVRHBL50
Starter unit left DVLHSGR30 DVLHSBR30 DVLHSBL30
Starter unit right DVRHSGR30 DVRHSBR30 DVRHSBL30
Angled ridge cap DVRCAGR10 DVRCABR10 DVRCABL10
Round ridge cap DVRCRGR10 DVRCRBR10 DVRCRBL10
Batten end clip DVBEC50* DVBEC50* DVBEC50*

* Please note the batten end clip is stainless steel and not coloured

4 simple steps for a quick and easy installation:

For new build – ensure tiling battens are extended 30mm beyond the gable wall or bargeboard. Fix a batten end clip to the end of every batten using a 40mm (min) x 3.25mm ring shank nail.
For refurbishment – it is recommended that all existing mortar is removed. Run a suitable batten from eaves to ridge, below the undercloak on the gable wall or directly to the bargeboard.

Stage 1

Fix the starter plate to the gable wall or bargeboard, ensuring the location guide is on top of the tile.


Stage 1

Stage 2

Fix the fi rst Verge Wizard in place by clipping over the starter plate and ensuring the top of the verge unit is under the tile above. Fix into position through the batten end clip or running batten depending on your project.


Stage 2

Stage 3

For each successive Verge Wizard simply flex and clip over the verge below and slide up to the tile toe. Fix into position through the batten end clip or running batten depending on your project. Continue this process until you reach the ridge.


Stage 3

Stage 4

Flex and clip the ridge cap over the ends of both units, central to the ridge tile, and securely screw to the ridge batten


Stage 4